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“Our town is not so replete with architectural features as that a building of the magnitude and importance of the new hotel can be lightly estimated as an addition to them.”. 1866 – First Phase The Royal Hotel pre-dates The Western Mail, which was launched in 1869 by The Marquis of Bute.  In 1866, long […]
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History of the Royal Hotel Cardiff…

The Royal Hotel Cardiff first opened it’s doors to the public on Easter Monday April 2nd 1866, the first grand hotel of what was then a town. It remains open today, after many refurbishments and improvements, not only the oldest hotel in the Welsh Capital, but one of the oldest grand hotels in the World.

The story of the Royal is more than the history of a building, it is synonymous with the dramatic rise of Cardiff from a modest town to the Capital city of Wales. The construction the Royal is a tale of two buildings; the original Venetion style hotel of 1866, and the Rennaiscance style extension of 1893.

Unveiling of the Pierhead Clock outside the Royal

The strong connection between the Royal Hotel and the national newspaper of Wales continued today, November 24th, when the newspaper covered the unveiling of the new-look interior of the Hotel.  Here is a link to Wales Online website which covered the story.

Granite Columns

The distinctive granite columns introduced on the 1893 extension, and at the same time retro-fitted to the original building, are Red Granite from Aberdeen, believed to be ‘Peterhead Red’ from a quarry which provided granite found in many 18th and 19th buildings….

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